In the world of best razor for men

In the world of best razor for men, Panasonic’s patented, high speed motor operates at about twice the speed of the competition.  This high capacity motor allows the smoothest shave for the thickest of beards, and is one of our picks for the best razor for men.

To make your shave a better experience, Panasonic has added a fourth blade to the Arc IV.  The company has used nanotechnology to provide the sharpest blades and has gone one step further by shaping the blades to smoothly accommodate facial curves.  The stainless steel foil assures that the razor will glide across the face.

Product Features:

6 inches in length

Weighs 7 ounces

Can be used as a wet/dry shaver

Arc IV is easy to clean with the turbo cleaning mode

Crystal charge indicator

Four outer and 2 inner blades

Durable stainless steel foil

Attractive carrying case

Product Overview:

Panasonic has brought together many of the industry’s finest attributes and combined those qualities with their own high speed linear motor to reward the user with all the flexibility any consumer would want.

The wet/dry option is typical of Panasonic’s commitment to the complete electric shaver.  The Arc IV even features a crystal indicator so the user always knows when it is time for a charge.

Panasonic has even considered the cleaning process of what we consider the best razor for men.  To clean the Arc IV, the user simply holds the blades under running water and chooses the turbo mode.  Carry your Arc IV with you for those special meetings and know that each shave will be as crisp and consistent as your first shave.

Product Features:


18 different length selections ranging from 1/32 inch to 23/32 inch settings.

A 1/64 inch stubble setting

A built-in vacuum system that controls the trimmings and makes for an easy clean up

A turbo boost power switch that increases both the cutting speed and fan speed.

A multi-purpose display that measures hair length and battery strength.

A two-year warranty

Product Details:

When every centimeter counts and you want to make a well-groomed impression, the Philips Norelco Qt4070 Turbo Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Moustache Trimmer Pro is the easiest and cleanest way to keep your moustache or beard in great shape.  With 18 different length selections to choose from, you can shape your beard or mustache to make the ultimate grooming statement.

The unit’s blades are self-sharpening and the lightweight portable Norelco Qt4070 Turbo is geared for those last minute appearances where every detail counts.  The shaver’s built-in vacuum system absorbs most of the clippings and can be easily emptied before each use.

By using the power button, the user can activate increased fan and motor speed.

Product Overview:

Norelco strove to fulfill the needs of a niche with its Philips Norelco Qt4070 Turbo Vacuum Beard, Stubble and Moustache Trimmer Pro.  For gentlemen who want a beard, a moustache or a well-managed stubble, this product is the answer.


The fully charged lithium battery provides up to 50 minutes of use.  The self-contained vacuum system keeps the unit easy-to-use and easy-to-clean.


There is no doubt that Norelco has attained its goal for the moustache, bearded man.  Carry this trimmer with you at all times because you never know when the big moment will present itself.

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