Beyond the Safety Razor

Whether you use an electric razor or a completely disposable razor or one with replaceable cartridges or even a non-disposable safety razor with replaceable razor blades the truth remains that you may still not avoid some of the nightmares associated with shaving. To achieve a truly pleasant experience when you shave you need to be using shaving with the right kind and amount of accessories. The reaction of the human skin to hair-cutting effect with a metal can leave you with quite an uncomfortable feel on the skin, at best, or a possible skin condition like razor burn and the so-called “barber’s bump” at worst. Therefore the need to prepare the skin for shaving and also give it a soothing treatment after shaving can be more of a necessity than luxury. But what shaving accessory should you be using?

Having acquired your choice best razor for men and maybe even invested in a razorpit to ensure that you always have a smooth shave for a longer period, now you can truly enjoy a luxurious shave when you apply the right foam or cream that will not only make the shaving activity easier but one that will also leave your skin moisturized for even hours after you have shaved. Shaving foams/creams of various qualities abound in the market; however you want to go for one that truly leaves a long-lasting good effect on your skin without having to spill out more than the right amount of cash. Removing hair from the skin with a metal blade can leave you with a typical smell of skin even for up to a few hours later. To avoid this it is worth employing the use of a good aftershave or gel that will not only make you smell fresh and sweet but also leave you feeling fresh from its soothing and moisturizing effects. Again, with a large variety of good brands available in the market today, it is possible to find very affordable aftershaves, gels and colognes for a truly refreshing shave.

For those who have very sensitive skin, to minimize the effect of razor blades, it is becoming more common to find such people using a pre-shave treatment. This generally prepares the skin for blade contact by providing sterilization and mitigating or minimizing metal irritation. Remember that the key things here are: 1) Preventing skin irritation, 2) Provide skin moisturizing effect, and 3) Maintaining skin pH which can be achieved through moisturizing of the skin. It is common to find a complete shaving kit with all the accessories to achieve your desired shaving luxury, and with many different good brands coming into the market, you have a long list to choose from and save money, whether you are going for a brand name or doing a mix and match of brands. It is, however, also import to bear in mind that when shopping for your ultimate shaving tools it is not always the big brand names that provide the best quality for your money. Ensure that the product will provide the desired effects by checking it description.

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