Best Razor for Men – Best of Electric and Wet Razors

There are a few different types of razors commonly available, but the best razor for men will really depend on exactly what features are most important to you. These days old-fashioned razors with a single blade are making a comeback, but you also have the option to get multi-blade razors that are battery powered or electric razors, all of which have their pros and cons.

Best Electric Razors for Men

Electric razors are easy for anyone to use and are often viewed as the best razor for men because they prevent accidental injuries that are often caused by wet razors. The electric razors come in different sizes and some are even able to be used in the shower.


1. Braun Series 7 Pulsonic Shaver System

The Braun Series Pulsonic Shaver System is a great electric razor which gives you a really smooth and close shave with less irritation than many other similar razors. It also tends to be quieter, although it may take a bit longer to complete your shave than with some other razors. It has an included charging and cleaning station which keeps your razor clean, charged and germ free.


+ Provides a close and smooth dry shave
+ Causes fewer shave bumps and razor burn spots
+ Very maneuverable, so it is easy to trim around mustaches

– One of the more expensive electric razors
– Hard to clean if you don’t use the cleaning station, so you will have to purchase the cleaning
solution for the station
– Takes a relatively long time to complete your shave

2. Panasonic Men’s Multi-Flex Dual-Motor Electric Shaver

Another good electric razor is the Panasonic Men’s Multi-Flex Dual-Motor Electric Shaver, which can even be used in the shower.

+ Outer foil covering prevents hair from being stuck in the blades

+ Washable

+ Can be used in the shower

+ Allows for repeated use

+ Can be used at home or on the go


– Requires charging

– Does not give the smoothest shave possible

– Expensive



3. Panasonic  Men’s 4-Blade Wet or Dry Electric Shaver


+ 4 blades

+ Turbo cleaning capability

+ Used anywhere


– Must be charged to operate

– Does not give closest possible shave



Best Wet Razors for Men


1. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power

For something in between an electric and a manual razor, you may be more interested in one of the newer razors that is battery powered to improve your shave. One example many people are very satisfied with is the Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor. This razor uses special blades and a lubricating strip to help give you a really close shave without any tugging or pulling like that which can sometimes occur with other razors. It includes an easy to use precision trimmer that you can use for small areas. It is also quiet compared to other similar razors. However, it is relatively expensive.

+ Shuts off on its own so that battery power is not wasted

+ Runs on batteries rather than needing to be charged

+ Thin blades that offer a close shave

+ Lubrastrip that indicates when blade needs to be changed

+ Trimmer that allows for beard or mustache to easily be trimmed


– Requires water for use

– May cause razor burn or nicking

– Does not come with a carrying case

– Blades will eventually need replacing


2. Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor

One of the most recommended old-fashioned razors is the Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor.


+ Gives a really close shave

+ Inexpensive replacement blades

+ Gives a smoother shave with fewer shave bumps and irritation

– Really only good for wet shaves not dry shaves

– Can take longer to shave, as if you rush you are likely to accidentally cut yourself



3. Gillette Fusion Manual Razor


+ Contains five sharp blades

+ Allows for a precise and close shave

+ Flexible head allows for easy shaving

+ Lubrastrip indicates when blade needs to be replaced

+ Elastomer coating on handle provides ideal grip


– Requires water for shaving

– Possibility of nicks

– Requires a man to shave against the grain for the closest shave possible


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