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Top 10 Types of Best Virgin Hair

To-look-beautiful is desire of everyone. In this world where outer look matters a lot, it’s become demand of time to pay special attention to perfection of our different body parts, to take care of what accessories we use, what we wear, what steps do we take to enhance our personality, because, people meeting you in your way, do notice all.

Types of Best Virgin Hair

Talking about enhancing your personality, your hair must be pretty attractive to achieve this goal. Recent surveys show that people spend lots of money, use lots of products to make their hair look attractive. If you are among them, then let me tell you that unfortunately, virgin hair are the best to have. Those with virgin hair are always point of attraction of any.

In the case you don’t know what virgin hair means, then it’s nothing but hair that follows all of below:

  • It’s never been bleached, permed or dyed
  • cut off of the hair donor in one ponytail
  • No chance of tangle in hair
  • cuticles layers are intact and they face same direction
  • Completely natural human hair

Since you now know all about virgin hair, so I guess you are all set to know its types. This post covers top 10 types of best virgin hair. Do keep reading ahead to know about them.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Let’s start with Brazilian virgin hair in this list of top 10 best virgin hair. Just as clear from the name, this type of hair is collected from small rural places within Brazil. Of course, donors are paid high amount for this work. Talking about the features, they are less consistent in them. They are categorized into 3 grades, namely Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.

The Grade a Brazilian Hair are straight, fine and silky in nature. If you wish to get slight wave type, go with Grade B. For coarse, thick and curly hair, just opt for the Grade C Brazilian Virgin hair.

Peruvian Virgin Hair

Peruvian Virgin hair is the next in this list of top 10 best virgin hair. They are soft in nature and coarser in textureThey are really very attractive which serves as major reason behind the craze for them. Up to five bundles of such hair can be installed easily. They can easily settle with African-American relaxed hair.

Curly Virgin Hair

Did not like any of above for one reason or another? Would you like to have hair curvy in nature? If yes is your call, then simply opt for curly virgin hair. They are little expensive, but are worth the money you pay. The huge popularity of this particular virgin hair type has helped it grab a respectful position in this list of best virgin hair.

Malaysian Virgin Hair

This type of hair are perfectly sought after texture. Because of the look they deliver, they are very popular among celebrities. It is generally brown, almost close to black. If you want to get luxurious feel, then simply go with the Malaysian virgin hair option. Yet another good property of these hair is that they easily blend with African American hair.

Unprocessed Virgin Hair

There is not any meaning in going for hair that have been processed to make them more attractive. While they do deliver beauty, but, are not perfect pure. If you want to go with the unprocessed hair, then go for this particular type of virgin hair. Since many deem for this, so this is quite popular type of virgin hair.

Raw Virgin Hair

Next in this list of best virgin hair is Raw virgin hair. Just as the name goes, these hair are raw in nature and possess other properties of virgin hair. Since they deliver look of random hair, unorganized one, so all those out of you who deem for such type, just go right away and spend your money on it. You will surely admire your decision of opting for it later on.

IndiRemi Virgin Hair

Let’s proceed ahead in this post with IndiRemi virgin hair type. Just do a simple search on web and you will come to know about popularity of this particular virgin hair type. There are many reasons behind the popularity, with uppermost being the quality for sure. They possess all qualities of virgin hair, they are quite easy to install. They shed only minimal during installation.

Remi Virgin Hair

These type of hair are taken from the head of donors while making sure that cuticles remain in relation with neighboring hair. This is the reason why this hair type remains silkier and softer as compared to others. Because of this particular property, they are used in making high-quality wigs.

Russian Virgin Hair

Next in this list of best virgin hair is russian virgin hair. If you are planning to opt for this, then let me tell you that things are going to be little hard, as this particular type is rarest and is difficult to find. They are incredible soft and shiny. They are long lasting in nature and durable. Because of these amazing features, this hair type is worth the money it demands.

Chinese Virgin Hair

Chinese virgin hair type is the one grabbing last position in this list of top 10 best virgin hair. Straight, Coarse, Shiny are three best properties of this particular hair type to be listed first. Since they are extremely silky, so are loved by millions. Another good thing about this particular hair type is that it’s not expensive at all.


Well, selecting one out of these best virgin hair types is quite tough thing to do. Moreover, we just can’t select any single as best, as they all possess different qualities. The one meant for you can be selected only by matching the qualities with your desired ones. Do let us know which type of virgin hair do you like the most.

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