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Top 10 Telugu Songs of 2015-2016

Telugu Songs known for their music and own unique excitement and essence. The lyrics of every song has its own charisma and power to calm your mind and body pleasantly. Songs also will be visually treat for the eyes with awesome and fantastic locations right the way through the song. Music composed will be very to heart with beautiful background score and lyrics. Right from the old Telugu songs to new Telugu songs, each track will remain close to heart. Not only melodious songs attract the people, there are countless mass songs from old Telugu movies to new Telugu movies which are still very famous and have great fan following for the songs.

Along with music, location, and lyrics, what stands another key aspect in the Telugu Songs to gain the attention of audience is the choreography in the song. People go crazy for the dance steps from their favorite hero. Heroes like NTR, Chiranjeevi, Allu Arjun etc are also got lot of fans for their dancing skills. People go gaga for dancing skills of these heroes on the screen.

Along with romantic songs, the mass songs also get lot of attention. In fact mass songs with catchy lyrics and thrilling background score won so many times over other songs hand down. Hats off to the creators of these songs who are maestros and to the commitment and zeal they show when composing the songs in an innovative way.

When it comes to choosing top 10 Telugu songs, the competition is heavy. Be it old Telugu songs or new Telugu Songs, one have to understand that choosing top 10 Telugu songs is based on colorfulness, background score and popularity of that song. The songs are picturised in a certain fantasy level. And no doubt all the time fantasy does play huge part in the songs.

Here goes the list of top 10 Telugu Songs of 2015-16:

  1. ‘Dheevara’ Telugu song from movie Baahubali

This very particular ‘Dhivara’ song in the movie Baahubali is created beautifully. It’s treat for the eyes to watch the beauty created using VFX effects. Prabhas and Tamannaah’s romance by the waterfall is a visual treat for the eyes. Elements like spectacular extraordinary effects, stupendous cinematography, melodious music from Keeravani or the stimulating romance between Prabhas and Tamannaah – the song manages to hypnotize you in every section. The waterfall on the backdrop of the song sets a perfect mood for the romance between them. Prabhas also performs some implausible stunts to reach to the gorgeous Tamannaah.

  1. ‘Super Machi’ song from movie S/O Satyamurthy

Song is shot in the sequence of engagement. Music is composed by the Devi Sri Prasad(DSP), who is recognized and famous for his music composing. Be it melodious song or mass song DSP will nail it down. This song is famous for its catchy lyrics and dancing skills of Allu Arjun as always.

  1. ‘Mental Madhilo’ from movie OK Bangaram.

Oscar Award winner A R Rehman composed the background score for the movie. Mental Madhilo song lyrics is good and background music is appealing. A R Rehman songs are like a wine. As the songs get old, they will become very beautiful to listen. The magic and melody in the songs never fade away.

  1. ‘Chal Chalo Chalo’ from movie S/O Satyamurthy.

Another song from the movie S/O Satyamurthy makes into list of top 10 Telugu songs. The song shows a problems a guy faces when he go for searching job. When a billionaire comes to street losing everything, what problems he faces is made known in the song superbly. The cute kid is the highlight of the song.

  1. ‘Charusheela’ song from movie Srimanthudu.

One more Devi Sri Prasad composed song from the movie Srimanthudu. Srimanthudu is a movie revolve around a billionaire who adopts an entire village and develop it.

Song is very captivating to listen. Full marks to choreography and composition of the song. In this son hero woo the heroine with his magical words. The picturisation of the song came out beautifully.

  1. ‘Crazy Crazy Feeling’ song from movie Nenu Sailaja

What you feel when you come to know that the girl you love also loves you? This song shows what it feels when a girl starts liking the guy back. This is another product of DSP. This song never gets bored. Be it visually or audio, the song is treat for anybody to listen.

  1. ‘Ninnu Choodagaane’ song from movie Attarintiki Daredi.

This romantic track is composed beautiful praising a girl about her when she wore Saree and comes in front of the hero. What will a guy feel when his love wears saree and comes in front of him is very well explained in the song. Lyrics is very catch and so meaningful. Background music from DSP excels in the song. The feel you experience when you listen to the song is awesome and unbeatable.

  1. ‘Dikka Dikka Dum Dum’ song from movie Soggade Chinni Nayana

This track poised in a village background. Nagarjuna adds extra grace to the song with his expressions in the song. Music Composed by Anup Rubens and lyrics is so catchy you will start humming ‘Dikka Dikka Dum Dum‘ after listening to the song. Choreography with village background gets attention in the song.

  1. ‘Bala Tripuramani’ song from movie Brahmotsavam.

Though the movie Brahmotsavam failed miserably in the box office, the songs got good response from the audiences. All the songs are very good in the movie and composed and choreographed beautifully. Because of loose narration movie failed the movie. The song ‘Bala Tripuramani’ from this movie is our one of the top 10 Telugu songs. Music composed by Mickey J Meyer is good. The sets and props used for the song are rich. It’s a treat to watch and listen the song on big screen.

  1. ‘Yellipoke Shyamala’ song from movie A Aa

Guys with love failure, this song is dedicated particularly to you all. Background score, lyrics and feel in the song is perfectly set for a guy with love failure.

Final words about top 10 Telugu Songs

There are so many songs which can still make in list of top 10, but these songs are good for their lyrics, background score, feel in the song and the response from the audiences. Each one of you may have different top 10 songs.

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