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Top 10 Sites to Donate Car To Charity in California

Life is not just about earning money and spending it on your needs. To enjoy the spiritual touch, you need to do good deeds. Helping poor is the best to do so. If you are among those who can’t do so on own, but have a huge heart to do so, then charity is what is meant for you. By donating intended things to charity you can help millions. But, again, everything is not good in this silly world. You need to take care while making selection of the charity to which you intend to donate your thing. To help you out in this task, I am here with this post.

Donate Car

It’s been noted that many people change their cars on regular interval of time. Are you among them? What do you do with your old car when you get a new one? Most people just send the car to scrap center. But, since you are a smart fellow, I wish you not to do this non-sense thing. When you believe old car is of no use for you, then you should just step ahead and donate it to a charity. This is the best treatment that one can give to an old car. Yeah, charity selection is little tough, but, why do you care about it? Just read out this post that covers the list of top 10 sites to donate car to charity in California. So, for all those of you, who are looking for a charity in California, this article is nothing less than a boon.

Donate Car To Charity in California

Goodwill Industries

Tens of thousands of positive reviews coming from people living all around the globe have resulted this car donation charity site shine at top in this list of best sites to donate car to charity in California. The cars that people donate to this site, are either used, or are sold if possible. The money collected so is used to boos the multiple good programs run by Goodwill. Employment drives is just one name to mention here.


National Kidney Foundation

If you do the charity work from time to time, then chances are high that you are aware from this popular online charity site. Cars you donate to this site are sold and money collected is used to treat the kidney diseases. Yes, that explains the use of word ‘kidney’ in the name of this site.

National Kidney Foundation

American Cancer Society

Cancer is the worst disease that’s got spread all over globe. Millions hands are working together to fight this deadly disease. You can play your part in the fight by donating your car to American Cancer Society. This charity sells your donated car and the money collected is used to finance the cancer cure programs.

American Cancer Society


Millions of people donate by going to this particular website on daily basis. If you wish to opt for the best method to donate car to charity in California, then believe me, this is the best site to opt for. Site’s interface is pretty impressive, so you just don’t need to worry about your ‘poor’ internet experience, if it’s so whatsoever.



Yet another impressive website making its appearance in this post about top 10 sites to donate car to charity in California. Donors living all around the globe visit this site to donate whatever stuff they wish to, which include cars as well.

first giving


Next to list in this post about top 10 sites to donate car to charity in California is GoFundMe. Those who don’t have any knowledge of Internet, should simply opt for this site, as it’s quite easy to use. GoFundMe makes best efforts to make sure that the money, things you donate reach right hands. If you want to keep yourself on the safest side regarding the doubt if your car, things reach the right needful persons, then this is best site to opt for.

Go Found me


Let’s proceed ahead in this post with yet another popular name in this regard. JustGiving is good site to go for if you wish to donate car to charity in California. Millions of people use this site daily. You should try it out. Of course, since the site is maintained by hard-working people with intention to help needful people.

Just giving


I’ve been using this site for quite some time now, and what I like the most in this is the search engine it has got in it. It lets you search for a number of charities of Califronia with ease in no time. Once the quest is done, just select any particular charity and make the donation right away. Don’t worry with your donation. It always reaches where it should reach.



Did not like any of above sites due to one reason or another? No worries! Chances are high that you will like this one, as it’s not only simple, but, is best among all in its field. A number of hard-working people are always working day in and day out to make sure that donations that people living worldwide do with open heart, reach the people who need them.



CharityCafe is the site that many of my friends use to donate the things they wish to. I personally have used this site a few times so far, and the experience every time was just fabulous. The search engine in the site is nothing less than a boon that does not just does the quest work but also present them in well-arranged manner so that you can analyze the data in easier manner.

charity Cafe

Conclusion :

So, it was the list of top 10 sites to donate car to charity in California. In case you have got another name popping in your mind, do make that shine in the comment section.

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