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Top 10 Short Haircuts/Hairstyles for Women

To look beautiful is desire of anyone. And, when it’s about women, the desire lies at peak. The present world is fashion savvy. If you do not look attractive, no one would love to talk to you. So, to look attractive is not just a desire, but a necessity too. For all those women out there who wish to look attractive, I must tell that hairstyle is what you should focus on. Your hairstyle speaks your personality. If it’s attractive, you will look attractive.

Top 10 Short haircuts

If you like to check what fashion tactics other women follow, then you might have noted that nowadays, it’s trend of short haircuts/hairstyles. There are many impressive short haircuts ideas for women. Short hairstyle does not suit everyone. But, if you believe it will suit you, and that’s why are looking to know about top 10 short hairstyles, then let me tell you that you are on right page. This post covers list of top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for women. Just keep reading this post ahead.


This is the best in trends nowadays. You must have noticed women of every age having this fabulous hairstyle. Since this particular hairstyle is quite common to see nowadays, that’s why it has topped the list of top 10 short haircuts. What’s best thing is that it does take just a few bucks to get this hairstyle, but the impressive look you get is something can’t be bought.


Get your short hair straight. Yes, you will look fabulous. Since this hairstyle suits almost every girl, that’s why it’s going hot in trends nowadays. Just like the one mentioned above, this one is cheap to get. You are surely to become star of party, event with this hairstyle. Undoubtedly deserved to have respectful position in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for women.

Pixel Cut

For all those out of you who wish to have spicy look, there is nothing better than this particular hairstyle. It’s quite famous among celebrities nowadays. Just get a little jewelry, for ears at the very least, and combine that with this hairstyle. I bet the attraction power will reach peak.

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Sleek Faux Bob with a Side Parting

Emma Watson was spotted with this hairstyle. Of course, it suited her. Don’t worry! You are no less beautiful than her. It will suit you as well. This hairstyle has been in trend for quite some time now, and has availed this spot in this post about top 10 short hairstyles for women. It’s recommended to all those out of you who wish to look attractive while keeping the natural look intact.

Short Soft Waves

If we take claim of renowned hairstylists anything to go with, this particular hairstyle, makings appearance in this post about top 10 short hairstyles for women, is something going to remain in trends in coming years as well. Short soft waves on the either side of head looks pretty impressive. It’s perfect hairstyle for all stylish girls out there.

Electric Blue Angular Bob

Katy Perry is known to keep changing her hairstyles. Every new style she adopts, becomes trend. Out of all hairstyles adopted by her so far, one pretty impressive, evergreen is electric blue angular bob. If you have got beautiful eyes, which I am sure you have, then there is nothing any better hairstyle for you. This hairstyle creates illusion of long oval-shaped face. This is the reason it’s popular among girls with round face, as it suits them the most.

Voluminous Tousled Bob

Next in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for women is Voluminous tousled bob. Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical opted this particular hairstyle. As per style experts, this hairstyle is likely to remain in trends in coming years as well. If you have got thick hair, then just close your eyes and go with this hairstyle. Nothing else can suit you more than this one. It looks impressive on girls with naturally curly or wavy hair as well. If you want to give extra vivacity to your hairstyle, then just use curling iron.

Angular Asymmetrical Bob

Angular asymmetrical bob is yet another short haircut in trends nowadays. For girls with round faces, it’s a good hairstyle to adopt. While going out, make combination of this hairstyle with stylish and matching lipstick. I bet all eyes will be on you, wherever you go.

Playful Long Pixie Cut

Yet another short haircut that is quite popular among girls nowadays. Taking the claim of hair experts anything that will happen actually, you will see this particular hairstyle in trends in coming years as well. If you have got pure White or Dusk skin tone, then just forget about any other hairstyle, as this one is meant to suit you the most. Give your hair freedom of moment by opting for this hairstyle. It gives healthier, impressive look to your hair.

Wavy Red Lob

Parting in middle and short waves: Just imagine this combination on you. Suits? I am sure it does. If you have got white skin tone, blue eyes, then believe, this is the haircut meant for you. Its popularity among girls has made it stand in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for women.

Final Words

There are numerous short hairstyles for women that one may opt for. But, the ones listed here are the best, are most popular. Best thing is that most of hairstyles listed in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for women, are of such type that will suit almost every girl. So, it’s your turn now. Just go through this post, imagine yourself with each hairstyle listed here, and then make the final selection. Don’t rush! Hairstyle matters a lot in deciding attraction capability. Want to look attractive? Then choose hairstyle wisely.

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