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Top 10 Short Haircuts/Hairstyles for Men

Those who thing hot hairstyle can’t deliver an impressive look, you need to rethink, seriously. All such people just have not spent time in checking out hot short hairstyle in trends. Short hairstyle is not not only relief for summer, but also is a good fashion style to adopt.

Short Haircuts for Men

All those out of you who want to leave others stun with their style statement, especially with style of hair, must keep reading this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men, as it covers list of top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men.


What do you think- It’s good to opt for a design that’s hot nowadays, and will remain so for a very short period; Or to opt for evergreen hot design? Those who are with latter choice, Spikes hairstyle is meant for you. Get your hair short if not already, and then get spikes on it. The impression it delivers is just amazing. It’s been in trends for quite some time now, and is likely to remain in it for next years as well. What’s best about it is that it’s quite cheap to get. Because of craze for this short hairstyle, it has topped this list of top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men.

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Side Part

You don’t need to get spicy hairstyle always to look attractive. You can achieve the awesomeness by opting for side part hairstyle as well. This hairstyle is simple yet impressive. If you want to get natural look, then this hairstyle is meant for you. If we take claim of hair experts anything to go with, then this particular hairstyle is what will remain in trends in coming years as well. Undoubtedly a design meant to claim a respectful position in this spot about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men.


It’s popular buzz cut. If you want to achieve a high fashion statement while keeping the comfort level at peak, then this is the hairstyle you should opt for. Just use a little of your favorite gel or wax and you will get spikes. Since maintenance is quite easily, therefore this hairstyle is quite famous nowadays.

Short Back and Sides

Let’s proceed ahead in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men with Short Back and Sides hairstyle. This hairstyle sweeps over the head which delivers an eye-catching look to watchers. If you do not want to follow the crowd, and are looking to stand out of crowd of many, then bring uniqueness in your look by opting for this particular hairstyle.

Slicked Back

If you don’t like, don’t go with pure short hairstyle, but, you may like to go with this hairstyle in which you keep hair on sides short, while long over head. With this hairstyle you get freedom to play with the style. You can adopt it as per the situation. If you want to bring extra spice in the design, just get a little get, apply on your hair, wait for a few minutes, and that’s it. Yet another impressive hairstyle in this post about top 10 short haircuts for men. Yeah, just like others listed in this post so far, it’s likely to keep shining in the trends in coming year as well.

Curly Short Hair

If you think curly hairstyle is meant to adopt in long hair only, then let me inform you, you are wrong. You have probably never imagined yourself or anyone else with curly short hairstyle. Well, it’s never late than never. Do so right away, and tell me if you think it can be awesome to go with this short hairstyle? Yes?

Choppy Side Part Undercut

Undercuts have been famous among men for many years now. Craze for them is still intact, and that’s why, this particular variation of undercut has made its way in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men. Of course, if you think this one is not meant for you, then, just a little variation, a simple one, and you will get a whole new of undercut. Variations are easily to be brought when you have classy undercut. Choppy Side part variation is quite hot nowadays.

Casual Style with Beards

Do you like to have beards? If yes is your call then forget any other style listed in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men, and just opt for this one. Casual look with impressive beard- a combination made in heaven- is surely to enable you catch attention of everyone who comes across you.

Layered Short Haircut

Random or arranged one? -Select the pattern of hair that you think will suit you the most. Those with latter as choice, should opt for this hairstyle. It’s amazing, and just like other styles we talked about so far, is in the trends. Easy to get, easy to maintain.

Shaved Short Haircut

Last to mention in this post about top 10 short haircuts/hairstyles for men is Shaved Short haircut. If you have small face, then this one is meant for you. Not only impressive, but this style is also nothing less than a boon in summers. Yet another hairstyle to add more stars in your personality. It’s new arrival in the trends. In the coming years, it’s likely to catch more fire.

Final Words

So, it was the list of top 10 short hairstyles for men. Of course, many other amazing short hairstyles are also in trends nowadays, but, the ones listed here are those who surely need your attention. Imagine a picture of yours with all these designs one-by-one. You will get to know the one meant for you. What’s next after that? Nothing complex! Just step out, get the chosen hairstyle.

By the way, which one did you like the most? Do let us now via the comment section.

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