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Top 10 Nail Polish Trends in 2015

Everyone in this fashion savvy world wants to look attractive. No matter what, we all want to be most attractive wherever we go. Summer of 2015 is going on and I hope you are doing good with your fashion things so far. For girls out there, beauty of nail polish matters a lot, right? So, what are you doing nowadays to make your nails attractive? Are you going with the trend, or have become a girl of old fashion? Since no girl likes to get this tag, I am sure you would love to know the nail polish trends going on. For this, all you need to do is to read this post about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015.

 Nail Polish Trends

Metallic Shades

Just step out of your house and reach any shopping mall where you often get to see a number of girls of your age. You will surely notice a big portion of girls with metallic shades on their nails. This particular color form is high in trends in this going year. Almost every nail polish brand has got this particular shade available for you in the market. What’s the best things is that you don’t need to pay any high amount to get it. The natural attractive look that this shade delivers has made it grab this spot in this list of top 10 nail polish trends in 2015.

Matching Colors

Yes, this is high in trend in 2015. The trend of its use is likely to face up curve in the coming years. It’s become quite common to see girls using the same nail polish color as of the color of clothes they are wearing. Of course, to make it happen, you need to have nail polish of all those colors of which you have got clothes in your collection.

Striped Nails

Going out with common fashion accessory, common nail polish color is something that most of us won’t like to do at all. To stand out, nail polish style we opt for must be attractive and unique, right? Stripes are quite common to see on clothes and they deliver an attractive look to the clothes. But, their use is not limited to clothes, as the trend of using strips on nails has just caught the fire recently. Since the strips are printed in vertical direction, so one will get feel as your nails are longer than what they actually are. Using different color combination along with stripes can surely deliver a heart-winning look.

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Natural Nails 

Natural nails style surely deserve a spot in this list about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015. Your nails can win hearts even when they are not covered with any nail polish. Natural nails can win attention easily. To make them even more attractive, you may use any light color nail polish such as polish of milky white, soft pink etc. If you want to keep natural nails trend, then make sure that your nails are of short or medium size. Also, shape of finger nails should be half circle or almond nails.

Golden Nails

Golden color has been in the trends since the very beginning of this year. This is common-to-see color in clothes, nail polish and other fashion products. Nails covered with golden color can surely be more attractive than when covered with any other color. This trend is likely to continue for a long time, and is dominating over many other nail polish trends. This post about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015 would have been incomplete without giving a respectful spot to this particular trend.

Bordeaux Nails

Red is pretty famous color when it’s about fashion products. Red is still popular, but, what’s in the trend nowadays is slight modification of aforementioned. Bordeaux Nails deliver an impressive look, and that’s why this particular style has managed to make its appearance in this post about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015. Of course, if you may like, you can opt for any other muted form of red. Believe me, this particular tone is in the trends in this year, and will remain in the trends in the coming years as well.

Glittery Nails

If you are going to any special occasion, then forget any other nail polish trend and simply pick this one. Since fashion needs a special care when it’s for special occasion, that’s why this list about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015 is just incomplete without mentioning this particular nail polish style. Be its occasion of wedding, engagement, etc. you can impress all by opting for this particular style.

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Lace Nails

Lace nails is the next in this post about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015. You may opt for simple checks or other innovative designs. Believe me, this particular style of nail polish is high in trend, and in the coming years, it’s going to fire a catch.

Creative Nails

Creativity always catches everyone’s eyes. Creativity in nails designs can help you look attractive. Creativity with nails could be anything like painting your finger tips, using different nail polish colors for different nails, etc. More creative you can think, more likely are you to set a new trend. It’s always good to get tagged as ‘trend-setter’, no? A proud feel!

Moon-type Nails

Last in this post about top 10 nail polish trends in 2015 is moon-type nails. Since it’s available in plenty of impressive options, so just go with the one that you like the most. Combine different shades to achieve higher attraction.

Final Words

List of top 10 nail polish trends in 2015 is before all of you. Do check out all the trends wisely and imagine you following them. Whatever virtual picture of yours with the trend comes out to be best, that particular trend is what you should follow.

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