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Top 10 Nail Polish Colors in 2015

You just can’t be attractive unless you pay attention to beauty of your nails. Yes, that does matter a lot, but, unfortunately, a big portion of fashion savvy world just does not pay much attention over it. Don’t be a part of such people as you just can’t become star of everyone’s eyes till you don’t have good nail polish on your nails. Nail polish can your catching ability to a new level without lightening your pocket.

Nail Polish Colors

If you are looking to buy a nail polish, but have just got into dilemma after seeing a lot of nail polish colors in the market, then let me inform you that you are on the right page. This post covers top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. To stay updated with this fast-moving world, your fashion habits must also meet the current time. Your nail color must be the one that is in trend nowadays. To know about those colors, just keep reading this post ahead.


To stand out of the crowd, you must use something that is attractive, but uncommon at the same time. Teal is the color of nail polish you should opt for if you wish to take the attraction power to high end. In case you don’t know, teal is low-saturated, medium blue-green color. Polishing your nails with this color can enhance your look for sure.

Dusty Pastel Blue

If you pay good attention to colors of nail polish that people who meet you in your way use, then you must have noticed a big portion using this particular nail polish color. This nail polish color is high in trend nowadays and can enhance your nails’ beauty for sure. It’s creamy pale blue polish color meant to deliver an eye-catching look to your nails. Since this is in high demand nowadays, almost every popular brand has got this color nail polish in its store.


Stone is the color filling this spot in this list of top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. This nail polish color is just awesome- simple yet attractive. It does not catch attention of viewer by delivering a dark look, but a cute shiny look. The latter way of catching attention is far better than the former.


Copper nail polish color is the next making a respectful spot in this list of top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. This color has been loved by millions for a long, but in past few months, it has entered in trends. The look it delivers to nails is so natural that you won’t be able to stop yourself falling in love with it. What’s more interesting thing is that you can get Copper color nail polish by paying a little money only, as various brands have this color nail polish available in the market for cheap price.

Subdued Sage 

To make the things understandable for you, you can think of this color as just new gray. The color is universal and can be on your nails no matter what the occasion is. It offers natural eye-catching look which is the best thing about this nail polish color. The natural, sleek, shiny look of this color make it stands in this list of top 10 nail polish colors in 2015.

Milky Pink

Milky Pink is shining on this spot in this list of top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. Normal pink is attractive, but, is too common. But, with milky pink, you can stand out of the crowd. All eyes will be on your nails when you have this color on them. Again, this is universal and can be good to have in any occasion, but, the best use would be in the on-going months. So, try this out right away before the right time for it ends. By the way, to imagine the color, take it as opposite of dark burgundy.

Taupe-Y Pink

Grey has been among common nail polish colors for a long time. If you like grey to good extent, but it’s too dark look does not please you, then, this particular nail polish color, shining in this spot in this post about top 10 nail polish colors in 2015, is what is meant for you. This color is soft alternative to Grey color.

Muted Lavender-Gray

Yet another good alternative to traditional grey color making its spot in this list of top 10 nail polish colors in 2015. Of course, it would be loved by all those of you who love traditional grey color to good extent but are displeased with just because of one con or other. If you are not sure of moving to pastels for your nails, then, in this state of dilemma, there is nothing other than muted-lavender-grey color that can serve as satisfactory choice for you.


This is softer option for all those out of you who do not like brooding or bright color. This pretty exciting color option will surely take your self-confidence about your look to a high end. Almost every popular nail polish brand has got product of this color available in market. A well-deserving name for this post about top 10 nail polish colors in 2015.

Bold Red

Red color has always a great importance in fashion products. Bold Red nail polish can surely enhance the beauty of your nails. It’s classic color to try out in any season.

Final Words

Selection of nail polish color reflects your personality. No one other than you should be involved in the selection process. Choose the one that your heart likes the most. This post about top 10 nail polish colors in 2015 is meant to ease the task. Final selection is up to you only. Since you are fashion savvy, so I believe you will make right choice.

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