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Top 10 Most Valuable Beanie Babies

Just step out of your home, reach market, and you will see both types (cheap and expensive) there. Well, it’s just matter of the way you quest for things in the market. While, most of times, we can estimate the cost of things we see, but sometimes, we just can’t imagine that something quite simple that we are seeing, may cost us thousands of dollars. If you don’t believe this can happen, then you surely have never used the web to check for the price of beanie babies.

Beanie Babies

If you are among those who just throw the things out that are not of use anymore, then stop that habit here. Sometimes, the old things, the things of no use can grab you thousands of dollars. Take the childhood as example. We all used to play with toys in that golden era of age, right? You must be having many toys that time. But, how many toys do you have now with you? You will be surprised to know that these old toys could bring many dollars for you now. Yes, you read it right. There are many wealthy people who wish to buy old toys, the beanie babies. By selling to them, you can have handsome amount in your pocket. Many such cases of selling beanie babies at damn high prices have been observed so far. The price paid by the buyer comes due to hobby/habit of that buyer to collect old things.

Anyways, the above section must have created curiosity in your mind to know the ‘high’ prices for which the beanie babies are available. For those with that curiosity, this post is nothing less than a boon. It covers top 10 most valuable beanie babies.

Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant: $4500

Let’s start the list of top 10 most valuable beanie babies with one that costs you $4500. Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant beanie baby could be yours for this much amount. While making this, the maker made a little mistake. In almost 2,000 Royal Blue Elephants, instead of using lighter tone of blue color, a darker shade was used.That’s the best catch in this beanie baby.

Employee Bear: $4200

Employee Bear is cute baby beanie but the amount it costs is not cute for most. Whooping $4200 is what you need to spend to get this. The finish is just awesome and brings cuteness in it. You can have it with either green ribbon or red one. The heart-shaped piece with ‘ty’ written in it makes it even cuter.

Nana the Monkey: $4,000

Next to be named in this list about top 10 most valuable beanie babies is Nana the Monkey. You can have it in your collection by lightening your pocket for $4000. It’s antique, it’s cute, it’s what most of you would like to get in the collection. Price factor may become a hurdle.

Ty Beanie Babies 1St/1St Generation Peking Mint! : $3800

Here is yet another cute looking beanie making its appearance in this post at respectful spot. The certificate of authenticity that it has coming from Becky’s True Blue Beans, is what is the best catch of this beanie baby.

Punchers the Lobster: $3700

Let’s proceed ahead in this post about top 10 most valuable beanie babies with Punchers the Lobster. To most of people, the previous name ‘Punchers’ sound as an error, therefore the baby was later renamed to Pinchers. Despite of its high price tag, it’s quite popular among those who love to spend money on collecting beanie baby.

Mystic (Unicorn) : $3600

Did not like any of the above due to one reason or another? No worries! You are most likely to fall in love with the cuteness of this one. Just like others, this one is available for the price that may be out of reach of many of you. It is available in different versions. In case you intend to buy one, check out all available versions and go for the one that you like the most. The one with brown horn and fine is costs you aforementioned price.

The Bear $3500

The Bear beanie baby is the next in this list about top 10 most valuable beanie babies. You might be surprised to know that only 250 units of this baby were produced by the maker for Ty sales representatives. The small count makes it rare and this is what takes its price to a high end. This baby has got #1 printed on it. That’s why it’s called #1 The Bear.

Brownie the Brown Bear: $ 3450

Brownie the Brown Bear is claiming this spot in this top 10 most valuable beanie babies list. Since Brownie is little awkward name, so the baby was later renamed to Cubbie. Just see it once; you won’t e able to stop yourself from falling in love with it.

Chef Robuchon: $ 3100

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon restuarant at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York worked as introductory event for this beanie baby which is priced at $3100. Since only 200 such units were produced, so it’s quite rare. The rareness works as reason for high price tag of this baby.

Teddy, Old Face (brown): $2,800

Last in this post about top 10 most valuable beanie babies is Teddy, Old Face (brown). Just like others listed in this post, you need to pay high amount to make it shine in your collection. The most attractive part is that it consists of Victorian “old face” with a triangle nose. It has eyes on either side. Just first look at the baby, and you will join the huge count of its lovers.

Final Words

This post is more of providing satisfactory end to your curiosity than helping you get a beanie baby for you. Reason? Prices are too high. Still, if any of you have such big pocket, then buy the one that you like the most. Rareness takes price of things high. Even the things that are of no use for today may bear a high price tag tomorrow. So, don’t throw the useless things!

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