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Top 10 Long Bob Hairstyles for Women

To look beautiful, impressive, attractive is something that comes in wishlist of everyone. In this fashion savvy world, it’s become important for one to pay attention on one’s fashion habits. If you are looking forward to enhance your look, then I’d recommend you to start with your hairstyle. If your hairstyle is impressive enough, you can be star of crowd with ease.

Long Bob Hairstyles

Talking about hairstyle, Bob has been first choice of many. But, what’s going most hot in trends nowadays is the long bob hairstyle. There are many under this particular category. Of course, you need to go through a deep research to select the best long bob hairstyle for you. To do the research part is bit tedious. If you want the things to happen with ease for you, then just keep reading this post ahead. It covers list of top 10 long bob hairstyles for women.

Curly Hair

Yes, you read it right. Curly hair are still in trends. By citing the forecasting of veteran hair specialist, we can claim this particular hair style to remain in trends in coming years as well. If you have got natural look, or blue eyes, then believe me, there is nothing better for you than this super impressive hair style.

Soft and Flowing

Impressive look should not come at the cost of comfort, right? So, while attaining high peaks of attraction, just keep your hair simple, keep them soft, keep them flowing. By doing so you get a hairstyle that’s in trends nowadays. Believe me, there is nothing better than opting for the style that does not compel you to deal with your comfort level at all. So, this particular hair style is meant for many of you reading this post about top 10 long bob hairstyles.


Did not like any of above listed? Chances of happening this are rare, but, anyways, Asymmetric hair style is what you may like to opt for, as, this one is hot in trends. It’s been in the same for quite some time now. It’s simple, it’s cheap. Best thing about is that maintenance is quite easy to. Undoubtedly, a well deserving name for this post about top 10 long bob hairstyles for women.

Beauty Bob

Going out with date with your crush? Excited? ‘First impression is last’, right? Make it happen as best. You can do so by opting for this particular hair style that has been in the trends for quite some time now, and if the things go right, you will see it shining in upcoming trends as well. High craze for this hair style has made is stand in this post about top 10 long bob hairstyles for women.

Soft Asymmetric

Asymmetric is good variation in design to opt for. But, if you want to enhance it, if you want to stand out of the crowd, then bring a little softness in asymmetric hair style. This little variation can help you become star of everyone’s eyes in any event you attend. If you have got round face with blue or brown eyes, then believe, out of all listed in this post about top 10 long bob hairstyles, this particular one is what is meant for you.

Sleek and Framed

Long bob can be better than the best if you go with this hairstyle. Of course, just as is the case with any other hair style, this one is not meant for everyone, but, surely for those with brown eyes. In case you have got jewelry in your ears, then just close your eyes, select this one. You will surely praise your decision of opting for this. Of course, since it’s in trends nowadays, so it has managed to shine at respectful position in this post about top 10 long bob hairstyles for women.

Red Waves

Red has always been famous color among fashion savvy people. Not only the hair, but many other fashion accessories look just amazing when dipped in red color. Your long bob can be impressive when you adopt red waves hairstyle. It’s easy to go with. Best is that you can have it without dealing with your comfort level, as it’s quite easy to maintain this style.


Keep your long bob straight. It might sound too simple, common, but, you are assured to become impressive, attractive with this hairstyle on you. If we take claim if hair experts anything to go with, then upcoming trends have reserved a respectful position for this amazing hairstyle. This style is classy, and is good for event of any kind. So, when you have it, you don’t need to concern about your style as per the type of function you are attending.

Smooth Bob

Long layered bob is good style to opt for. It’s something that will never go out of trends. Just pair it with longer side swept fringe. With this said combination, you are likely to come out as most impressive in crowd of many.


Old is Gold, right? That’s true with fashion things as well, sometimes. Long bob can be super impressive if you go with classic something. Of course, mix that up with little modern part. Mixture of classic and modern touch can give you an impressive look for sure. This trendy hairstyle has managed to grab last position in this list of top 10 long bob hairstyles.

So, it was the list of top 10 long bob hairstyles for women. It’s your turn go through this post again, imagine yourself with each hairstyle listed here, and to then make final choice. Don’t rush! Be calm! To look trendy, hairstyle must be chose wisely. I am sure you are smart enough to select the one meant for you.

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