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Top 10 Cute Male Dog Names

All male dog breeds have enunciated contrariness in the features and personalities. As they tend to be masculine the names given to them should be masculine too. For all dog sizes, below is the list of cute male dog names. Since small dogs are playful and frisky, names should be given to them which match their personality. Forceful sounding name should be given to big size dogs. When they are puppies, you should know about the size when they will be fully grown. So you should decide the name accordingly.

Cute Male Dog Names

The most popular and top 10 cute male dog names are Winston, Barney, Murphy, Rusty, Harley, Cody, Buster, Bailey, Max and Jake. They are not only cute names but sound masculine too. You will notice that majority of dog names end up with long sound e. This is a prevailing feature in male dog names. This is simply because pronunciation becomes easy. It suits both adult and puppy dogs.

Apart from the above mentioned named some other cute male dog names are the Greek alphabet letters like Gamma, Beta, and Alpha etc. When you train your dog or give them commands pronunciation will never be confused any of the words. Say for instance if you name your dog Fletch, it can easily be confused with the training command fetch.

Unique and cute male dog names can be taken from various sources. Nature is the best example from where dog names can be taken. For example if you want to acquire names from trees then Hawthorn, Douglas, Buckeye, Shagbark, Creeper, Pawpaw, Aspen, Staghorn, Sequoia and a lot more can be taken as dog names. From flowers Sugarbush, Buttercut, Sweet Pea, Tansy, Turtle, St. John, Chrissy, Foxtail, Flame, Cosmos and Aster are some names.

Other names like Blizzard, Tornado, Twister, Onyx, Cameo, Blackie, Icy, Champ, Rhino, Bison, Weasel and a lot more are based on earth, sky, water and animals. Nature has given us many things. When you will stop and look around yourself, you will get the finest name for your dog. If you have least interest in nature then you can go for categories like food, movies, music, sports and literature. Some of the first class dog names also come from alcohol for example Jack Daniel.


There are some tips for selecting cute male dog names. Firstly try to keep your dog’s name small and easy. Do not keep it complicated and long. It will not be beneficial for your dog but also for you too. Your dog will grasp his name quickly. You can teach and command him faster. If you are too possessive for your dog then keep only those names which have a beautiful meaning to it. When you browse on internet, you will easily get the meaning of names. Secondly, stick to the name you choose, do not try to change it again and again. It will be very confusing for your dog.

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