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Top 10 Cute Female Dog Names

Selecting cute dog names for girls is one of the most arduous elements. People are very concerned and possessive about their pets. They want their dogs to eat best, wear best and yes of course have best and unique name. Down below is the list of 10 cute female dog names and their meanings. After reading this article you will defiantly get the best name for your new four-legged friend. Name selection for your new friend will be both exciting and fun.


From the list of 10 cute female dog names the first one is Lola. Lola means strong girl. This is an excellent name if your dog is acknowledged for strength. The best example is bulldog. This is very beautiful and unique name.


Pixie means fairy like and very playful.  It is a very smart name. You can give this name to your dog if she has small stature. This would be sensible if this name is given to toy breed. If your do is too big and you name her pixie then that would be too funny.


Molly means version of Irish Mary. Although this name is very common but is used by people at large. This dog name can be given to every breed. It doesn’t matter what are the qualities and features of the dog.


Sassy means filled with life, spirited and lively. Dogs that is disobedient or terribly playful as puppies can be named sassy.


Millie means gentle advisor. President Bush named his dog Millie. He had a dog Springer Spaniel, long in style and a little speedy. He was one of the very renowned pooches which lived in the White House.


It means helper or help mate. This name is given to the dogs for increasing its popularity as many youngsters bear the similar name.


The one who brings joy is known as Trixie. This name is for those dogs that are energetic and playful.


The one who is light weight is called Lucy. This name is very beautiful and has been used for naming dogs since past 40 years.


Royalty and princess are the two meanings of name Sadie. Sadie is a name given to the most fashionable dogs. Oprah Winfrey bought this name in spotlight as she named her Cocker Spaniel, Sadie.


Jasmine is the very last from the list of 10 cute female dog names. This means a fascinating and pleasant smelling flower. Jasmine sounds very soothing. If you want to give your puppy this name then nothing can be better.


When you want to choose Cute dog names, then you should opt for those names that maintain the reputation of your dog. It should match up its personality and physical characteristics. In addition to this giving a smart and unique name to your dog is important because it will last for next 15 years. So always give the best name to your dog.

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