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Top 10 Champagne Cocktails Recipes

Life is full of ups and downs, successes and failures, right? While no one ever likes to see the latter even in their worst nightmare, the former is something welcomed with both hands open in cherish manner. Happy occasions are what keep the life going on. Everyone has got his/her different ways to enjoy those occasions. Surveys done in this manner scream that most of people just don’ t let the special occasions go untouched from the inclusion of wine in them. A majority of people like to enjoy brighter side of life that they believe comes from wine. Well, nothing to blame them, in fact, we are part of such people. Champagne cocktail remains the best drink no matter what the occasion is.

I’ve often seen people confused between champagne and wine. If you are one of those many who believe both are same, then let me correct you- there is difference lies among them. Although the difference is small, but, it does exist. Just to tell you, Champagne is name of region in France. So, wine coming from France, that has been made by following strict guidelines applicable there, is what is known as champagne. Yes, champagne is type of wine, but, the wine that belongs to Champagne region and has been made with strict guidelines.

Anyways, there are different types of champagne cocktails available for you. It solely depends on your pocket size and your taste. If you are among those who don’t wish to step out to market to get champagne of your choice, then, you should spend time checking out and learning champagne cocktail recipe. The best thing is that you don’t need to scratch the pages of web to get well-explained recipe, as this post covers the same. Super bonus point is that it does not cover one or two recipes, but, 10 recipes. All recipes are well-explained, so, even if you have no experience in this field, you will be able to prepare champagne cocktail of your choice with ease. Just read out this post about top 10 champagne cocktails recipes.

Best Champagne Cocktails Recipes

The Classic

Let’s start with the one that is popular the most. The Classic champagne is what everyone likes. Just to add in your knowledge diary, it was served first in Metropolitan Hotel in New York City in 1934. It’s been famous among people since then.

Get a sugar cube and place it at bottom of champagne flute. Splash it with Angostura bitters, and fill the rest part with champagne. The bitters get balanced by the slow melting of sugar cube resulting into a well prepared classic champagne.

Classic Champagne

Champagne Cosmo

Next in this post about recipes is champagne cosmo. Just like the above one, it’s liked by millions of people worldwide. This is meant for all those of you who wish to get an extra girly twist. To prepare this, you just need to fill three-fourths of champagne flute. Get a splash of cranberry juice to top it off. Now just splash of Triple sec and you get your champagne cosmo prepared.

cosmo Champagne

Elderflower champagne

If you wish to drink a simple version of champagne cocktail, then let me tell you the one I am talking about here is the simplest one. Just like the ones mentioned above, it’s quite popular champagne cocktail. Just get a glass of champagne and add Saint Germaine in it. You get a delicious champagne to make your evening good.

elderflower Champagne

French 75

Fresh juice of half a lemon along with a teaspoon of sugar with ice is what you need to have to prepare this champagne cocktail. This is yet another classic champagne that you can have. Many people like to take it, because taste factor remains at top in it, and it’s easy to prepare.

french Champagne

Hard Champagne

So you are someone who wish to get extra kick? If yes is your call, then this it the champagne meant for you. Get a splash to lime juice and add one part bourbon in it. You need to add three parts of champagne. To make it extra hard, you can add more champagne. It would be best if you serve with orange twist.

hard Champagne


Pour the brandy slowly into champagne to get float of it. Just keep care of thing that you should not stir. Put that float into one part champagne. You get champagne that is best to serve with lemon. This is yet another quite popular champagne cocktail.

champear Champagne

Punch Bowl

It’s champagne with strawberries. Get raspberries, strawberries and cranberries and fill the plastic container with them. Pour cognac over the berries and wait for a little time. You get your champagne ready to drink.

punch Champagne

Champagne Mojito

Get mint and lime and muddle it. Add little sugar and shake it. Addition of a shot of rum can make it stronger. Undoubtedly one among the best easy to make champagnes.

Champagne mojito

The Times Square

Let’s proceed ahead in this post with this yet another amazing champagne cocktail. To start with, fill a champagne flute halfway and get a splash of Angostura bitters to top it off. The taste remains at the top. If you want to enhance it even more, then just add Maraschino cherry. It just balances the stuff used to make this champagne cocktail.

The time square Champagne

Drunk Brunch

Most common cocktail is mimosa. Get champagne flute halfway and fill it with Grand Marnier and a splash of fresh orange juice. Not only the taste is good, but also the drink is quite strong.

Drunk brunch Champagne

Final Words

So, what are you waiting for? You now know the recipe to prepare the best champagne cocktails. Just move ahead and prepare the ones that you like the most. If you need any help, we are always here to solve your queries. Healthy discussion can be there in the comment section.

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