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Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands in USA

To look beautiful and attractive is desire of everyone. In this fashion-addict world, it’s nothing wrong to spend on fashion accessories to stand out of the crowd. Talking about the beauty of hands, you can’t achieve the perfection just by using accessories for it. Most of people just don’t give much attention to how to make nails beautiful. If you wish your hands to look beautiful than everyone else’s, then you must pay attention on beautifying your nails as well. Of course, nail polish is what you should use to make your nails attractive.

Nail Polish Brands

One thing everyone knows is that nail polish can make nails beautiful. But, do you think any nail polish will do the work? No! You should opt for any renowned nail polish only. Those who are confused about the selection of nail polish, just give this article about top 10 best nail polish brands in USA a read now.

Sally Hansen 

A big brand name to start with in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands (USA). This brand has been helping people achieve attraction for a long time. If you want to nourish your nails for a long lasting time, then just close your eyes and add nail polish from this popular brand in your fashion kit. This nail polish is meant to make your nails look beautiful without ruining the structure at all.


CND is the next in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands (USA). It’s yet another popular brand ruling the nail polish marketplace for quite some time now. This brand has got a wide range of nail polish types so that you can beautify your nails in the way you want to. Take your creativity to next level by trying out different nail polish products this popular brand has got in stores for you.


Revlon is the brand that does not need any introduction at all. It has been in the market for many years, and has been helping people look beautiful with its variety of nail polish designs, perfumes and other cosmetic items. The best thing about this brand is that it offers high quality products at reasonable price. You get top-notch quality. In the nail polish, you get a variety of nail polish designs. Just go through them and select the one that suits you the most.


Want to give smooth touch to your nails? If yes is your call, then go ahead and buy Essie-made nail polish. Yet another highly popular brand making its spot in this top 10 best nail polish brands in USA list. In Essie’s collection, you will find many incredible nail polish designs that will win your heart for sure. With the nail polish of this brand, you can easily achieve shiny look in your nails; a look that would last for whooping 10 days.

L’Oreal Paris

Next in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands (USA) is the L’Oreal Paris, a brand you all know about. Different nail polish designs are meant to beautify your nails as per the situation. Since this brand has got wide range of colors to offer you, so you can keep enhancing your look by trying out them. Just try out the nail polish made by this brand once, and you will surely become fan of it.

Cover Girl

Reviews coming from people who have used this nail polish, speak about the popularity. This nail polish is just amazing for a number of reasons. High-quality that it offers has helped it grab a respectful spot in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands (USA). This nail polish is made using high-gloss nail polish formula. This particular formula consists of base coat, chip resistant top coat, high gloss color. This nail polish gives you same color on your nails that you see on the bottle. Although it’s cheap, but it does not deal with the quality at all. You get best of it.


This was rated as most popular nail polish brand in USA by well-known saloons. The Chanel Nail Color is just amazing for those who want simple yet attractive color to cover their nails. This nail polish delivers a shiny color which can surely help you catch attention of many.


It stands for Odontorium Products Inc. Yet another renowned brand making its appearance in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands (USA). This brand is known to bring cost-friendly, impressive nail care products in the market. You will fall in love with the nail polish of this brand after trying it for once.


If you are looking for UV protected nail polish, just go with the one by Nars. This particular property is the reason behind slow discoloration of this nail polish. Shimmer, sheer, night series and many other varieties are available in the market. Go with the one that you like the most. This nail polish delivers high-end catchy look and does not chip unlike most of the nail polishes available in the market.

Bobbi Brown

Give shiny sleek look to your nails by using Bobbi Brown nail polish. This nail polish is available in the market in variety of colors. Just go with the one that you like the most. Amazing quality at reasonable price has enabled this nail polish brand grab last spot in this list of top 10 best nail polish brands in USA. 

Final Words

Which one is the best? Well, just don’t worry about it. All nail polish brands mentioned in this post are loved by millions worldwide. They all are best. You just need to make a list of your requirements to tag any of these as ‘most suitable’ for you.

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