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Top 10 Best Car Apps for iPad/ iPhone

Many Android tablets came and go, many achieved popularity, many end up in the darkness, but not a single has been able to touch the popularity level of iPad so far. If you are of those rare people who have tried their hands on both iPad and Android tablets, then you must be familiar with the fact that iPad is the best. Being its hardware-wise or software-wise, there is nothing that beats iPad. Talking about the software part, there are many apps that have been designed so far. The growing no. of apps has got some cars apps as well. Thumbs up, if you have been searching the waves of web for the same. Here is the list of top 10 best car apps for iPad.


The first in this list of top car apps for iPad is the Dynolicious. This is the best iPad car app. iPad’s accelerometer is what is used by this app so  as to measure the 0-60 mpg quarter mile times. You can check the modifications that you made in the car, or can also find out the average of car. Those who loves to take care of their car, must use this app on their iPad. This app has got many features the sum-up of all let you know about the overall performance of your car.



This is must to use app by every car owner, especially when you are riding on your car in a place where you have never been before. You can use this app to find your way to your destination. With this app on your iPad, you no longer need to ask the local residents for the right path. You can even track the time remaining in any particular parking, can find the nearby ATMs with single click.


Speedometer Speed Box

Want to know your speed by which you are driving your car? Though you can track it from the speedometer of car itself, but why to do that like the old people used to do? You are a modern person of growing modern technology. Use this app on your iPad. Though there are many apps based on this concept, but the thing that makes it the best is the support of analog and digital speedometers. These meters display the speed in various units such as kph, mph etc. You can easily check out your maximum and average speed, total distance traveled, your altitude etc. , using this single app.

Speedometer Speed Box

Real Racing 2 HD

Love to taste the high speed so that no one can catch you? Though it may not possible in real life, but who cares? Download this amazing app and start racing with hard opponents. Drive fast to win the game, or simply lose it.

Real Racing 2 HD

Auto Trader

This app brings all the new and old cars’ deal on your iPad’s screen. You can use these apps to find out the latest and cheapest deals going in your locality, right from your iPad.

The current year is going awesome for the smartphone industry. Every big manufacturer is coming up with its flagship device, but still, not any smartphone has been able to touch the popularity which iPhone has gained. The latest member iPhone 5 in this family is also getting good response. Owning an iPhone means having the best smartphone, portable gaming device, and a home of apps with you. iPhone is good device, but the apps and games make it best. If you are one those of many who like to download apps to enhance their experience with their iPhone, then this article is for you, as I am mentioning here the top 5 best car apps for iPhone. Do check the list and download these apps straight away.

auto trader

Gas Buddy

Your car is nothing but a heavy scrapped box if you don’t have gas to power it. The prices are increasing rapidly, but you might not know that each gas station has got their own prices. They don’t care of the rules. You may also come across any of such gas stations. If it happens, then there is direct loss of your hard-earned money. But with this app on your iPhone, you can get the gas for your car at its cheapest. Just enter the Zip code of your city and you are done. The gas rates at different stations will be displayed in front of you. You can opt for the station that has got the gas at least price for you.

gas buddy


Like the one mentioned above, this app also supports the gas prices feature. But the best part about this app is that you can check the real-time traffic on any road/path. By having knowledge of that, you can easily figure out that whether you should start your ride now or later on, as getting your time wasted by the huge traffic jam is always an awkward and frustrating moment.



Awesome app to use on your iPhone to keep track of speed of your car. You can easily check the maximum and minimum speed that you reached while driving  car. The average can also be seen. You can use the GPS feature of your iPhone to keep track of the nearby ATMs, Fuel Stations etc. This is must have car app for every iPhone user.



Just as the name suggests, the app is used to find the parking space. Since the population is increasing day by day, so the parking related problems are coming in the way. But say goodbye to this irritating problem by using Parkopedia on your iPhone. Let the app track your location, and find the free park space for you. You need not to do anything on your own.



This one is good for those who don’t have feature-rich car, but wish to enjoy the high-end features. This app lets the iPhone’s camera, sensors  and GPS  to work for your car and provide the perfect protection to you.


Conclusion :

These are the Top 10 Best Car Apps for iPad/ iPhone that we have found for you for better driving experience and these apps renders the driver safety while driving a car, we also provided the apps that can track your locations and can provide you the exact information related to your location.

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