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10 Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1

When it comes to protecting your PC’s and laptops from virus or malware attacks, there is always plenty of option in selecting from completely free antivirus tools available. These free antivirus tools effectively scan your PC’s and laptops for malicious codes, malware and spam ware and automatically alerts you to clean it up.

Antivirus for Windows 8.1

The Inbuilt Windows Security Essentials does not prevent some malware attacks or much efficient against some kind of viruses. And that’s why we need to consider Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 which offers much more features like browser clean-up tools, adware clean-up and rescue disk creation tools.

Below we’ve provided a list of some of the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 which we tested individually in our labs:


Avast Antivirus is hailed as one of the best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 in the industry as it has very simple installation and clean and neat interface. The Quick scans detects almost all viruses initially and also has less impact on your PC or laptop.

Packed with a lot of features including various shields for protection, scanning while booting, rating for websites plugin and javascript malware defender. The javascript malware protection tool is one feature which is not present in any other Free Antivirus tools.

2.       AVG FREE ANTIVIRUS 2015

AVG Free Antivirus provides complete browser security with its new Web TuneUp tool and also has enhanced its interface better. The new interface is split into Computer, Web, Identity Firewall and Email. If the circle in that area is green you are not completely protected or there’s a security threat in that area.

Even though the phishing protection is not much better than other Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 based on our tests, AVG still scores much higher and is a very good choice to protect your PC’s and Laptop’s.


Avira Antivirus for Windows 8.1 tool is packed with all features to protect your PC or laptop from any kind of threat and also has a mobile protection and backup kit made available. The all new Child Safe Tool that monitors all your children’s activities in the internet and also provides you options to block certain sites from your children.

Avira offers some pre-set scan options like local drive scan, My Documents only scan and Scan only active processes in the system. It also has automatic and AV scans with a smart interface unlike other vendors that offers interface designed with the Windows 8 style theme.

Some of the other free features added in Avira Free Antivirus are the Mobile and Secure Backup tools, where with the help of Secure Backup tool you have 5GB of free online storage to store any documents, photos or videos.


Qihoo one of the big names in the Search industry in china, has launched its Free Antivirus tool, 360 Total Security Essential. Our independent tests indicated that it has scored decently in malware block tests.

Qihoo offers licensed antivirus engines from Avira and Bitdefender along with its own internal virus engine because Qihoo says that it want to give the product as an international one along with its own engine.

And the Phishing detection engine is brilliant as it alerts when you browse through some certain sites.


Here comes another tool from a provider who is very popular in the Security appliance industry, Fortinet. FortiNet, having gained traction in that industry has begun testing waters in the Antivirus space and launched a Free Antivirus Tool FortiClient. The Free Antivirus Tool is packed with all basic scan options, firewall and impressive phishing protection filter.

When you start to install the software, the installer automatically runs the malware scanner first before installing as malware can prevent some antivirus from installing is a neat feature provided in FortiClient.

The Parental control or filter option is not very effective in our tests along with blocking brand new malicious URL’s. And all VPN types are not handled.


Comodo in our tests scored a decent score in malware protection and basic AV scanning. Comodo is the only vendor to provide all features in the Paid version packed inside the free version too, which is very much commendable.

A full scan conducted through Comodo Antivirus went off very quick than the average scanning time and the repeat or re-scan remembers the previous scan and finishes quickly under 2 mins. In the malware protection side, Comodo scores heavily alongside the lines of AVG and Bitdefender.


Panda Cloud Antivirus for Windows 8.1 is a small and light tool and offers real-time protection. The “USB Vaccine” feature, takes care of risks posed by USB drives in infecting the systems with malware.


With a clean and simple installation and compact design, Bitdefender scores highly on phishing protection. The results from our independent tests also gives a good score for auto scanning.


ZoneAlarm Antivirus Free version is packed with both Antivirus protection and Firewall Safety. The Hourly updates in the free version is what makes Zone Alarm stand below the rest, as you’ll not be protected in-between the updates from any new viruses.


Lavasoft has recently upgraded its product with a slick interface and also partnered with a new antivirus engine.

Our tests revealed that Ad-Aware lacks significantly in the malware protection section, even though it performed pretty decent in AV scanning.


One must ensure efficient protection be it their PC’s, laptops or mobile phones from viruses, malware, Adware and phishing sites to make sure that the data always stay protected. Even though there are expensive tools in the market, some of the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 8.1 Tools analysed and listed above offers complete protection for your systems.

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